Isuzu DMAX 2012 ON Low Mount Anchor point 1500 Titan Tray Combo


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The Titan Tray/Low Mount kit provides the lowest possible mounting system for a 1500 x 1200 MKIII Titan Tray for your vehicle. Smaller (mini), lighter cross bars in conjunction with interlocking blocks, help maximise the load carrying capacity of the roof.

The MKIII Titan Tray has increased the versatility of the existing Titan Tray with new dual channels on top of newly adjustable planks, corner entry points that increase usable channel space and new under-plank attachment points for “S” and “J” hooks.

Along with this new versatility, the tray has strengthened with Tray Rating increasing from 300kg to 400kg* yet it’s still lightweight. The tray also has a new design including stipple powder coating for extra durability and styling.

Titan Tray and the Low Mount system is securely fastened to your vehicle, utilising factory mounting points on the roof. This is the strongest point of the roof and the safest way to secure a load carrying platform.

This method of clean, low profile mounting of the tray, enhances aesthetics and complements your vehicle, without compromising the load carrying capacity. Mounting blocks and mini cross bars provide ample adjustability and accommodates different roof lengths and widths making it a simple DIY solution.

* Load rating is vehicle specific, ensure you check your vehicles load rating and note that off-road capacity may be less than on road


  • Low sitting and light weight
  • Channels on the outer edge with centre entry point
  • Simple assembly with flatpack delivery of Titan Tray
  • Dual Channels on top of each tray plank
  • Adjustable planks (extra planks can be added)
  • Under plank attachments for “S” and “J” hooks
  • Stipple powder coating on tray
  • Corner entry points on top channels